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Mini Mokelumne Youth Longbow
The standard Mini Mokelumne Youth Longbow is the perfect
longbow for the little traditional shooter. Built with  young
shooters (3-5 years) in mind, It has a draw weight of 9#@16"
draw (max)  and only 36 " long.
It comes with a walnut  or maple riser,  a laced real leather
wrap, laminated maple and fiberglass limbs with walnut or
maple nock overlays and available in right or left hand.

Custom Mini Mokelumne Youth longbow with bubinga riser,clear and black glass with zebra wood nock overlays.  Please
contact me for more information for a true one of a kind youth longbow.
Custom Mini Mokelumne  Youth

Length : 36"
Recommended Brace Hight:  3 .5 in
Weight: 3 oz.
Recommended arrows: Easton 1214-1416 or 1/4"
24 in. 175 grain arrow  100 fps @ 16" draw
2 year Warranty
Dealers:  www.Lancasterarchery.Com
                www.3 Rivers Archery.Com
Custom Mini Mokelumne Youth Longbow