Mini Mokelumne Youth Longbow
$ 79.99
Length : 36"
Recommended Brace Hight:  3 .5 in
Weight: 3 oz.
Recommended arrows: Easton 1214-1416 or 1/4"
24 in. 175 grain arrow  100 fps @ 16" draw
2 year Warranty
Your youngest archers now have a bow built with them in mind. The Mini
Mokelumne Youth Longbow is hand made with the same quality and care
as any adult custom bow, but scaled down to fit comfortably in little hands.

Perfect for two to five-year-olds, the Mokelumne has a draw weight of 9# @
16" (max). It's a comfortable 36" in length and easy for little ones to carry
out to the target range.

This is a beautiful youth bow with a quality Walnut riser and nock overlays.  
(Cherry or Maple on request). The limbs are Maple surrounded with black
fiberglass. Laced leather grip, leather rest, and Flemish twist string

Available in Right  or Left Hand
Note: The Mini Mokelumne longbow is a not toys but a lethal pieces of archery equipment that will cast
an arrow capable of doing bodily injury/property damage and should be used only with adult supervision